Nowadays who does not have a mobile phone. Well maybe some people out there who still lives in an isolated place. Well but most of us do have phone and use them. Even out of 7 billion of the population, according to Chen, there are almost 6.8 billion of phone subscription. Maybe even one day the phones subscription will outnumber the amount of population in this world.

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This trend which is most of the people in this world keeps a phone in their pockets, twisted things a little. Maybe now the way company do their mass marketing is better by using the phone instead of the television. Mobile marketing also gives people and companies more benefit than using the advertisement. You know with Television it is a one-way communication, while with mobile it could be a two-way communication.

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However maybe not all of the people embrace the changes that fast. According to KPCB, In the US, only about 4% or around $7.1 billion are spend on their ads smallest compared to other media. While the time spent by people on their Mobile are way more than the other media such as print and radio and are still increasing.


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.22.30 PM

Again, using one of my favourite company as my examples, Nike. Not only they are my favourite because they sell sport equipment, but they are also smart. They have been redirecting their sources to the digital marketing by decreasing 40% of it’s budget in their television and print advertisement. Nike mobile marketing are massive. They probably use every social media exist to reach all people and their customers. Mostly in Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, keeping their customer up to date. Joseph states, that this gives the company a significant 42% of increase in sales. Plus their picture are amazing!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.46.03 PM.png

This is one wise advice from Kaplan, “Even companies’ intent on focusing locally would be wise to turn to mobile devices if they’re interested in reaching Generation Z or the net Generation,” (Kaplan, 2012, p.137).

Well, we’re living in Generation Z now. Start moving on to Mobile!


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