Google!!! Probably the best search engine ever created in this world. I bet you guys agree, right? Who don’t use google nowadays.  Every time we don’t know something or want to search for something, you will always go to GOOGLE. I cannot imagine a life without google or a search engine. My life would be miserable!!! Don’t know where to go, where to search, where to buy, where to search for good foods and other stuff.

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Search engine really actually helps people to live their life. It may seem that search engine helps marketers; especially when the company do the SEO. “SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.” This direct people to go the website of the company in order to increase the views for their websites which they hope will lead to increase in the sales.

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However, it may also backfire for the company. Nowadays not only marketers that do market research, but the consumer also do the market research. Not only that Consumer are worse these days they even do a market research for their lunch, such as when you’re searching for restaurant in Zomato.

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Usually the market research that people do before they buy their product is searching for the store that gives the best price and also product that give the better benefits for the customers. The worse things for company about the search engine is that it is easier for people to do their market research. Which, means if they get bad reviews for their product, consumer could easily know about the negative sides of the product.

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According to the Communico, 75% of people who have bad experience are more likely to share their bad experience. In the end, if the search engine such like Google was not use properly it will back fire and company would not like the result. So Guys what do you think?


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