Can you imagine a world without law, rules, and ethic? This world would a mess. Same with Marketing, without legal and ethics in marketing, a lot of people would be disadvantaged. One of the most controversial topic about ethic is SPAM.

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SPAM “applied to unsolicited commercial email and related he term “spam,” as applied to unsolicited commercial email and related undesirable online communication.” There has been a Spam act created to prevent consumer receiving information or offer that they don’t want to receive.

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The SPAM act of 2003 consist of 3 main rules which is, a message needs to have a consent, identification, and unsubscribe facilities. The Spam act are enforced by ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority). The first rule is the consent. All of the electronic messages have to be accompanied by either inferred consent of expressed consent. Second, identification must be able to be easily identified. Lastly all commercial electronic message needs to have unsubscribe facility.

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Nowadays, most of the companies are getting fine for failing to provide an unsubscribe facility such as unsubscribe button or other ways for the consumer to be able to unsubscribe. Grays Online was fine $165,000 for sending out a commercial message to 700,000 people across Australia without unsubscribe button or option.

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This topic is actually very funny. If you guys notice as I notice usually company, make a very big “Subscribe” button and are very encouraging in persuading consumer to subscribe to the company. However, it will be very hard for you to unsubscribe from that message. In my own experience, it took me very long for me to search for the unsubscribe option from Stan as I want to stop subscribing from Stan.

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I think the government needs to create law for this, so that people would be able to unsubscribe easily from what they have subscribe. What do you guys think?


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